“God sent. I feel as though my helpers are family. They take me shopping to the doctor, call and check in on me. I truly feel blessed to have them!” – A.P.

“To all the volunteers “I love you and I miss you!-More than you will ever know.” – Participant

“I can’t believe that they’re people out there that actually volunteer to do this without expecting any compensation. What an amazing group of people!!”    Participant’s daughter

“My mother told me that Wellington Cares does this all at no cost. How amazing!! You do not know what piece of mind it gives me that there are people out there actually looking to help my mother. Although I am very involved in her care, you make her feel less dependent upon me.”   – Participant’s daughter

“Even though my daughter would take time off of work to drive me to all my doctor appointments, Wellington Cares gives me a piece of mind to not have to make her do that. In addition, their Volunteers have saved me $640 in cab rides, for taking me to my eye doctor appointments pre and post-op.”      – Participant

“I do not feel comfortable driving long distances any longer, the Volunteers at Wellington Cares have provided me with the security of keeping not only myself safe but those around me as well.”      – Participant

“Wow!! This is a great organization to have in our community, because we see so many people who could benefit from your services.”         – Fire Rescue

“I have so many customers who can’t get out of their homes to pick up their prescriptions and ask why we don’t have delivery. I then have to send their prescriptions to be filled at another store that delivers. I will pass Wellington Cares information on to my customers. This is fantastic!!”        – Walgreen’s Pharmacist

“This is such a great organization, and helps in addition to the out of pocket services I need in the caring for my mother. To have volunteers come and provide just one hour of respite helps more than you know.”      – Participant’s daughter

“I’m amazed how helpful they are, and how easy it’s been to meet other people. Wellington Cares takes the time to remember participants for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The volunteers bring me joy all year long.”           – Participant

“Wellington Cares is like an angel to my Mom and me. The volunteers are kind and helpful in every way.”   Participant’s daughter

“It has often been said in life that it is the little things that go a long way. When you are a senior this saying carries more significance because it is so relative to day to day living. A simple trip to the doctor’s office can be daunting if not impossible. Yet your agency makes these things doable thanks to the service that you provide. My husband and I want to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to your agency for helping us get through life for these many years. You help make the little things possible, and without you, our lives would become one great big obstacle course to navigate through.”       -Participant

“I am 90 years old & live alone. For several years I have been assisted by cheerful Wellington Cares volunteers. I truly appreciate all the help I have received & look forward to using your assistance in the future.”        – Participant

“Infinite love and gratitude to volunteers for helping me continue living in my home and the beautiful Village of Wellington. This service keeps me in touch with the world and with my independence.” – Participant

“When I first moved to Wellington I had support from my family, and was still able to drive. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I no longer have that support, needed to stop driving, and was considering moving into an assisted living facility. Fortunately, my granddaughter found Wellington Cares. They have become family to me. I have help making and getting to appointments, as well as getting groceries and prescriptions. I receive daily phone calls to make sure I’m OK. I deeply appreciate the volunteers, without them I could no longer stay in my home.”  Participant